Prevent Essential Oils From Harming You

Almost everyone have been talking about the benefits and how essential oils have impacted their lives. Even if they offer benefits that make people happy, they also contain potent chemicals that might harm you in the long run. The multi-level marketing of essential oils is rising and with the help of social media and other forms of selling tools, essential oils are known to cure eczema and migraine. Don’t get me wrong, essential oils have a lot of properties that are very therapeutic and even medical evidences to support the facts. Keep in mind that even if they are extracted from plants, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wary of them at all. You can buy the best aromatherapy diffuser to spread the scent.

Essential Oils

Stop skin discoloration and sores that burn

There are certain kinds of essential oils that can cause you to get burned under sunlight. Before you spend a day outdoors or make a trip to the beach, do not apply any photosensitizing oil to your skin. When your skin reacts, there can be discoloration and you will feel some burns. Examples of photosensitizing oils are Bergamot oil, Lemon essential oil, Lime essential oil, and Cumin essential oil.

Keep the away from small pets

Essential oils are totally dangerous for pets so do not allow them to be in close contact with your pets. Only large animals can withstand the effects of essential oils and ask the vet for instructions on how to use them that will not harm your pets.

Essential oils are not totally good for pregnant and nursing women

Essential oils have an effect on the hormones, gut bacteria, and other health aspects. You should take extra care in using essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing. There are signs showing that essential oils can penetrate the placenta and reach the baby. Essential oil effects can be compounded in utero and extreme care which should be taken with essential oils while someone is pregnant.

Interactions with preexisting conditions can be dangerous

The mere inhalation of some essential oils can trigger some side effects of people who have problems in terms of their health. Avoid using essential oils on people who are suffering from heart problems and or asthma unless a trained aromatherapist is the one applying it. The training required if you want to become an aromatherpist is around 200 hours which includes the study of chemistry and drug interactions.

Do not store them in plastic containers

It is not often indicated that essential oils should not be kept in plastic containers especially if they are in concentrated forms. A lot of essential oils will eat through plastics if they are not diluted and through time even the diluted ones can harm the plastic. You should also take caution even on other surfaces around the house. Leaving essential oil on a piece of furniture will cause it to get stuck to the piece and then the finish gets pulled off. This can also cause it to become stained. Make sure not to leave any essential oils, like citrus oils on wood and other surfaces that are stained.

Leads to illness or death if you swallow it

Those who are enthusiastic about essential oils even go to the extent of taking it orally, but this should not be done by everyone. Do not swallow pennyroyal and wintergreen because it has a risk of killing you. Toxic oils can cause pregnant to have a miscarriage if they are swallowed and there are other essential oils that can be very irritating when they have been kept for a very long time. Do not take essential oils orally unless there is medical supervision.

Leads to illness or death if you swallow it

How to use them safely:

  • You can use them aromatically by putting a few drops in a diffuser and you will breathe this in when the scent is present in the air. These diffusers can be bought online and they will be able to handle all types of essential oils. Avoid listening to people who are not very knowledgeable about using essential oils and it is always better to follow instructions.
  • They can be used topically by diluting them in lotion, toothpaste, body butter, lotion bars, and other recipes that are homemade. They can be applied to the skin once they have been diluted and you will still get to enjoy their benefits. Depending on the type of oil you use, there are various positive effects to the body and you will feel it for sure.

These are the harmful effects of essential oils so make sure that you are using it according to what is recommended to avoid danger and inconveniences. Essential oils have been around for years and people are enjoying their benefits, but always take extra care.


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