Which One Should You Go For? Counter Depth Or Standard Depth Refrigerator

A refrigerator is responsible for enhancing the visual appeal of your kitchen and as you start looking for a brand-new fridge, you will come across a couple of basic freestanding refrigerator depth options to take into account – counter depth and standard up. In this particular article, we will be comparing counter depth refrigerator vs standard depth refrigerator so that you are able to comprehend the difference between them and also figure out whether you should go for the best counter depth refrigerator out there as per your requirements, your space as well as your budget.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Vs Standard

Both counter depth and standard depth refrigerators are actually freestanding units implying that they do not need any cabinet box to be around them for keeping them secure. Consequently, the positive thing is that you should be capable of installing either of them without any need of ripping apart your kitchen and since they are usually manufactured in a common dimension of 30 inches and 36 inches they will surely fit into the majority of the refrigerator spaces.

Now we will be focusing on standard depth freezers for a while. In all probabilities, you were familiar with a standard F refrigerator while you were young. These units are almost 30 inches in depth which implies that they actually stick out a significant amount physically as well as visually while passing a conventional counter space providing the kitchen with a less uniform appearance and also tend to consume additional floor space. These fridges are ideal for all those who have sufficient kitchen space in their residence and also want to optimize the internal storage of the refrigerator as well as the freezer.

Now we will be discussing regarding the counter depth refrigerators. These types of fridges tend to be shallower as compared to the standard depth ones yet they are usually taller or wider. Typically, this particular unit is approximately 24 inches in depth. It is known as counter depth due to the box. The fridge sits flush within the countertop; nevertheless, the doors are going to make the device stick out an extra couple of inches past the countertop. It will provide adequate space for the door to open and also close, still it not able to stick out like a standard F refrigerator. According to some manufacturers there ought to be at least a couple of inches space in between the side of your refrigerator and the cabinet to permit sufficient airflow for the compressor at the rear of the fridge.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Vs Standard Which Is Better

Now, why do you need a counter depth refrigerator? Well, besides the installation of the cabinetry, the shallower depth of this unit makes it extremely simple to store all the items in the refrigerator and it is likewise easier to see everything which happens to be inside it. This implies that no more surprises are waiting for you in the back corners and you can easily gain back the depth lost in height or width which implies that there is no need to sacrifice a lot of interior space on the counter depth fridge plus you are actually gaining sufficient walkaway space in front of the unit which can make a huge difference in a compact kitchen. According to many individuals, the biggest sell happens to be the illusion of a more seamless integrated appearance in your kitchen area without needing to pay anything at all for a built-in unit which aids in enhancing your kitchen layout from just an average to a more lavish feel.

Not certain how to sell standard up from a countertop refrigerator? In case you do not have access to the actual measurements, then one big clue can be the price tag. As a matter of fact, counter depth fridges tend to more expensive as compared to the standard ones. Standard depth freezers will simply outnumber the counter depth ones on the market; you are likewise shelling out some cash for the engineering employed for slimming down the unit to enable it to sit flush with the cabinetry respective of the depth options selected by you.

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