Buy vacuum cleaner: how to make the right decision?

What is the best Shark vacuum? Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. With our eight buying tips, you choose the device that suits you.

Buy vacuum cleaner- how to make the right decision

Highlights from this article:

  • Types of vacuum cleaners
  • Bag or Bagless
  • What is a good brand?
  • Convenient mouthpieces
  • Filters
  • Dust bags
  • Power and energy
  • Ease of use of a vacuum cleaner

Types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

The vacuum cleaner is the traditional vacuum cleaner as we know it. This model is also called a cylinder vacuum cleaner. They are available with and without dust bag and usually only suitable for dry vacuuming.

Boiler Cleaner

This device is upright and has a larger dust collection than a vacuum cleaner. A canister vacuum cleaner usually sucks wet and dry.

In Compare you can see which boiler vacuum cleaners are suitable for sucking up liquids.

Upright vacuum cleaners and 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners

This vacuum cleaner has a stem which you push in place of a machine that can produce pulling. A 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is a cleaner including a dust buster.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a small round or rectangular device independent spaces. The dirt ends up in a receptacle in the belly of the robot.

Water vacuum or multi-piston

A water space is also called a multi-piston or plunger. This is suitable for coarse and fine dirt and can suck wet and dry. Regarding model boiler vacuum cleaners.


A petty thief is a cordless hand vacuum cleaner to suck it clean small areas.

Bag or Bagless

Do you want a vacuum cleaner with dust bag or dust container? Almost all brands (except Miele and Dyson) have both models in the range. Aspects that are worth considering:

  • Cost: Dust bags you keep buying. Each piece you pay around € 2 to € 3 for an original and € 1.50 for an alternative pocket. Both types of vacuum cleaners are available in different price ranges.
  • Hygiene: Emptying and cleaning a dust container you get more with the sucked dirt contact than when you replace a vacuum cleaner bag.
  • Sound: Make bagless vacuum cleaners are noisier than vacuum cleaners with a bag.
  • Result: Vacuum cleaners with dust bag and remove its average better than carpet. Bagless vacuum cleaners. However, this difference is getting smaller, and some bagless

What is a good brand?

There are dozens of different vacuum cleaner brands. Miele and Philips are the largest, followed closely by Bosch. But also think Boston, Dyson, AEG, and Nilfisk. We test these brands in the lab, but also curious how satisfied consumers are on their vacuum cleaner and why they chose that name. More than 4,000 panelists gave their verdict.

It is striking that people are most satisfied with Numatic vacuum cleaners, known the faces and names like James, Henry, and Hetty. But they are met with Miele. Dyson harvests satisfaction with the performance, but less on the value for money. Dyson is also the most expensive brand of vacuum cleaners. Bosch is less laudatory judged. Note that people ruled over old spaces without energy.

What is a good brand?

Convenient mouthpieces

Besides the standard nozzle, you often get other nozzles supplied with your vacuum cleaner. Also, you may purchase additional nozzles, such as a parquet brush or turbo brush. From our test shows that you can achieve excellent results with many standard nozzles. In the Compare are pictures of the included attachments.


In vacuum cleaners with a bag, the bag or dust container the first filter. Then the air passes through the engine and exhaust filter. How well the air is filtered, depends on how much air goes through the filter, rather than along it leaking.

In addition to standard filters, there HEPA filters and water filters. A HEPA filter filters out right but is also more expensive than a standard filter. A water filter filters the air not particularly useful. Also, molds can arise in the water. Are you allergic to dust mites? Choose a vacuum cleaner with low dust emissions and excellent suction performance.

Dust bags

A bag consists of a hardcover and a sturdy bag it. The hard part can slide into the vacuum cleaner. Some bags can close. For example, the fabric remains better in the bag when changing. You can choose between original, alternative and universal bags.

  • Original bags: created by the vacuum cleaner manufacturer for a specific brand and type of vacuum cleaner.
  • Alternative bags: created for specific brands and models, but not by the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Universal bags: designed for all kinds and brands of vacuum cleaners.

You stick the hard part of the original bag to the universal vacuum cleaner bag.

We have two types of vacuum cleaners tested with both original and alternative bags. The performance of both sacks was similar. Our Belgian colleagues have also examined universal bags. The performance of these bags was below par. They leave a lot of dust and changing a dirty job.

Power and energy

Since the introduction of the energy label, a vacuum cleaner may have a power output of up to 1600W. However, the suction power of vacuum cleaners has not diminished. A vacuum cleaner with a power of 600W is just as clean as a device of 1600W.

Annualized save you with the most economical vacuum cleaner a few euro about that of 1600W. The suction performance does not depend on the ability, but most of the nozzle and the components of the cleaner match.


A nozzle is efficient as it has brushes to the floor and the air is directed over the entire width of the nozzle. So dirt is also sucked in addition to the opening.



It is important that all parts of the vacuum cleaner together seamlessly. Then ‘leaks’ no air and creates a high airflow. In the shop, you can compare the energy at various points.

  • Energy efficiency class
  • Annual energy consumption in kWh
  • Dust emissions
  • Noise
  • Recording dust carpets and hard floors

Ease of use of a vacuum cleaner

When purchasing your vacuum cleaner is useful to look at the ease of use. Which ultimately determines in large part how satisfied you are with your device.

Therefore, please note the following points.

  • Working range (also called radius)
  • Height of the handle
  • Maneuverability
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Serviceability
  • Cord winding
  • Sound


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