Basic advice before epilation

No matter how accustomed we are to plucking wax, there are certain parts that infuse us a deep respect (not to say irrational panic). And not without reason we! Face a Brazilian wax can be a traumatic time, especially the first time since uprooting the hair on such a sensitive part is a very painful process. We give you some tips to make the experience more bearable with best epilator.
Remove body hair is something that has concerned women since time immemorial. Therefore, we invest time and money in the different methods of hair removal available in the market. Although in recent years, laser hair removal has been a rapid increase, there are still many women who prefer more traditional methods pluck and wax as an option choose to look smooth and hairless skin for several weeks.

Without their, when it comes pubic things change, because it is very sensitive to pain area, and therefore we have certain qualms to face a Brazilian waxing. We are not going to cheat you. No one will avoid pain, but you can make it more bearable with these simple tips.

1. This is not all or nothing. You have options

If you make complete hair removal will get you feel naked can choose to leave some hair in strip form, triangular or the one you like. It’s up to you!

2. An analgesic time never hurts

Nothing will turn a Brazilian wax in a bed of roses, but a painkiller can help you better cope with the pain. Take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment. It will not eliminate the pain completely but will reduce it.

3. Calls for the appointment based on your menstrual cycle

Hygiene issues aside, it is not recommended realize a Brazilian depilaciƱon when you have the time. In those days you are much more sensitive to pain (as in the premenstrual week), so it is best to ask your date in the next two weeks to end the rule.

4. The service you pay

What they share a mattress, shoes and wax? The three things that are worth investing. Like a bad foot pump will destroy you, or bad mattress will do the same with your back when entrusting someone caring for such a sensitive area should be a center in which you have full confidence. Or do you want me to leave you some inexpert hands the raw area?

5. Some drugs can alter the condition of the skin down there

As with the photosensitivity, there are certain medications that can change the state of the skin, making it is more sensitive, and therefore can react in an extreme way against external aggression. Avoid using in the days before exfoliating or any product containing alpha hydroxy acids or retinol (lactic acid, glycolic acid, malic, citric and tartaric).

6. Nothing sun exposure or heat in the area

After waxing, the skin is much more sensitive and red, so it is not recommended exposed directly to the sun or apply heat to the area, like showering with water too hot or go to the sauna.

7. Avoid exercising just after

Finally, a good reason to skip the gym! The last thing you need after a Brazilian wax gets to move endlessly on spinning bike (or someone else). Wait for the next day to resume your exercise routine and your romantic encounters.

As perfectly depilated legs, tips, and tricks

In today’s article, I will not beat around the bush me. I’ll explain how to pluck step by step through various methods and so simple that anyone could do legs.

Summer is the time to “show your legs” but remember in winter, it is critical that you shave correctly, do it with methods that pull up the hair root gradually grow thinner and more and hurt less, come next summer nor notice

Many women are waxing it bothers him during menstruation so you will be more comfortable and bearable if you perform once this, if you are a man, forget this tip.

The first step before you start plucking is to exfoliate entire skin of your legs well to lift ingrown hairs, if the method you will choose to tweeze removes hair roots and are a very sensitive person can cool the area by applying ice and so you reduce your pain, it is also better than if you shave the sun you do the day before and not just moments before because the skin may irritate

Some pharmacies sell anesthetic creams that you apply before depilatory What do you do? Sleeps skin, reducing pain at 0%

Today we have the great good fortune to choose as depilated legs with several methods Do you want to know them all?

Depilation legs – Discover the best for you

Depilation rake or blade: Your biggest advantage? It is painless and quick extra, but as only removes hair cuts reappear at 3 or 4 days. For greater precision drag the blade in the opposite direction of hair growth and take advantage while you take a bath, so the skin will not be as dry and not suffer annoying jerks, is the perfect method for shaving the legs without pain.

Depilatories: destroy the hair keratin by chemicals making it easier to remove, do not attack the root, so it reappears at 4 or 5 days, it is entirely painless as the blade but not so fast, its biggest advantage is preventing the appearance of granite causing the blade and wax.

To avoid further problems (allergies, irritations …) applies a bit in a small area and remove it in a few minutes, if after 24 hours there is no reaction, and you can make complete hair removal, but passed the test of 24 hours is not appropriate to leave the cream on the skin more than 10 minutes.

As depilatory wax legs: One of the most efficient methods removes hair root so it will not reappear in a period of 3 to 4 weeks depending on the person. You can find it in various ways as warm, hot, bands, roll-on … you just have to choose the one that is most comfortable for you, but the most efficient are the hot wax as the cold does not dilate the pores so some pluck rather than the short, yet it is one of the best methods, and I recommend:)

If you are prone to bruising because many women appear to them to shave this way, it is best you to hold the skin to give the jerk, but do not worry this little trick you have anything more to fear; ).

Electric razors: They are very effective, uproot the hair up to 0.5 mm in front of the wax removes hair from 2 mm. It’s a bit more painful than wax because each hair individually started using tweezers embedded in his head, but currently existing razors with ice or massaging their heads to reduce pain.

The results are about 3 or 4 weeks depending on each person:

Laser or pulsed light: The only way to end the hair definitely to realize it should go to a professional center where you will get all the necessary information, the number of sessions depends on the person (and the area is not the same as the armpits than English for example).

Most do not work on white hair and can not give you the sun between sessions is best done in winter. If you decide to shave this method, be sure to go to a particular place.

Tips and tricks – Perfection exists and is in your legs:

If the hair removal method you chose removes hair root is advisable then use retarders, through its chemicals, make it grow rather more slowly and thinner, disappearing if so faithful to them, is only effective if you shave wax or razor as other methods only cut hair Words can not have everything!

To be completely perfect after thoroughly reviewing with tweezers so that not a hair can not escape.

At the end clean the area well and moisturize dry to avoid the appearance that sometimes left on freshly shaved skin.

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