18 Helpful Kitchen Tips And Tricks

As a housewife and a cook, you have to deal with numerous jobs which sometimes make you overload. Therefore it is extremely helpful if there are some tips for you to perform the job easier with less effort and better result, right? My honest article today will reveal you amazing tips and tricks. Now take a pen a notebook, there might be a lot of useful and practical ideas that you want to jot down. Let’s start!

18 Helpful Kitchen Tips And Tricks

1. Keep Veggie Fresh For A Longer Time

Simply place some paper towels at the bottom of the crisper drawer in your fridge. These papers will catch the surplus moisture which makes veggies rot.

2. Keep Your Champagne Foamy

Don’t dispose sparkling wine or champagne which has gone flat. Drop one or two raisin into the bottle, the natural sugars from the raisin will work magically to eventually restore the bubbles.

3. Save Lemons

If you only need some drops of lemon juice to make sauce, do not cut the fruit into 2 halves or it will dry out quickly later. Alternatively, use a metal skewer to puncture the fruit and extract the exact amount of juice that you need.

4. Keep Herbs’ Freshness

To make sure that the herbs is always fresh after months of buying. Keep them in the whole bunches, wash, seal them in plastic bags and then put them in the freezer. When you need some of them, pick a proper quantity. They are easy to chop, and will defrost after one minutes being added in a hot pan.

Keep Herbs’ Freshness

5. Get Rid Of Bugs

A container of a bay leaf with rice, pasta and flour will help to remove bugs.

6. Stay Away From Stale Muffins

To recover day-old muffins, simply shake them with water, then put them in a paper bag, and finally place it in a hot oven for between 5 and 10 seconds. The steam generated by the water will work to recover moisture.

7. Keep Cookies Always Soft

Simply keep chewy cookies and crispy in different containers. If  not, the moisture from the chewy cookies will lose the crunch of the crispy.

8. Stop Bananas From Browning

Don’t not separate until you are about to eat them. They tend to spoil slower when in a bunch.

9. Keep Salt From Being Harden

Just place rice in your saltshaker. The rice will help to absorb condensation which causes clumps.

10. Have Flavorful Butter

Store butter when it’s on sale. Actually, it can be stored in the freezer within up to six months. Keep it in an airtight box so that it won’t get flavor of any other things

Have Flavorful Butter

11. Stop Bacteria Growing on Dairy

To keep sour cream or cottage cheese longer, put the container upside down in the refrigerator. Then overturning tub forms a vacuum that prevents the bacteria from growing.

12. Keep Honey Clear

In fact, honey is the only food substance which is nonperishable, so don’t  try to remove the stuff when it gels or gets cloudy. Put it in microwave within about 30 seconds, under medium heat, the it will get clear again soon.

13. Save Cheese

Cheese is freezable to last longer. After enjoying, place the leftovers back in its first package, tightly wrap it in plastic, and freeze it. One day before using, put it in the fridge for defrosting. This trick is the most helpful for soft cheeses of which content is high in fat.

14. Get Rid Of Fat Soup

Don’t worry or throw away soup which is too fatty because it can totally be fixed. If you don’t hurry, place the pot of soup in the fridge within 30 minutes, then glide the fat on the top and recook. If you are in hurry, put some ice cubes in the soup pot and remove the fat once you see it. Alternatively, add a large lettuce leaf in the pot because this leaf can absorb extra oil, dispose the leaf as soon as your soup looks limp.

15. Deal With Meat Toughness

Put pieces of the meat in one of following liquid: vinegar, beer; or juices of papaya, citrus, tomato, or pineapple. Such liquids have acids or enzymes which can deal with the toughness of meat.

Deal With Meat Toughness

16. Cut Corn With Ease

Cutting corn is not issue, but it often makes waste and mess. So get rid of these by pulling the cob in the center of the hollow in a Bundt cake pan. As you cut the cob with a knife, seed be in the pan.

17. Juice Fruit Easier And More Efficient

Before starting juicing fruits which are citrus, roll them forth and back on a board or the kitchen counter so that the liquid from the segments will be better released from inside later.

18. Make Fruit Ripen Quickly

To have fruit ripened quickly, simply include it in a paper bag with an apple also. The apples will release ethylene gas which can help to speed up the ripening process of other fruits.

Final Words

Above are 18 simple but helpful kitchen tips that you should know to do your job better. They are all easy to do but the effectiveness behind them is great. So take note right now and you might need it once in the future.

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